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The earliest version of Microsoft Office suite was declared in 1998 and published two years after in 1990. It included three apps: Excel, Word, and PowerPoint. Over the years, the number of applications in the suite has expanded significantly, and the apps come with advanced features such as grammar checker, spell checker, collaborating tools, planner, digital notebook, and are also compatible on mobile phones. As it happens, MS Office is so successful that higher than a billion users are reportedly utilizing it. If you need to get Microsoft Office for your device, visit

What does Microsoft Office contain?

Microsoft Office is a comprehensive productivity suite that comprises a variety of apps, servers, and services such as Outlook, Word, Skype, Excel, Publisher, Access, OneDrive, OneNote, and PowerPoint. These are some of the leading apps of MS Office that are famous amongst individuals over the world. MS Office includes the client as well as server software apps.

How to download Microsoft Office?

download office setup

Do you want to get MS Office for your device? As of now, it is not required to go to a retail shop for buying Microsoft products. You can purchase and download Microsoft Office straight from the web. Here are the steps for downloading Microsoft Office:

1.    Firstly, you need to access the Microsoft Store.

2.    Either use a search engine or go to

3.    The main webpage shall reveal an array of Microsoft items.

4.    Now, click on the Shop Products option.

5.    From the pull-down list, select Office.

6.    Wait for the Office product webpage to open.

7.    Chose the Office package you want to buy.

8.    You can use the search option to look for the one you need.

9.    Click “Shop Now” option below the variant that you have elected to buy.

10.    Under each package of Office, there will be a listing of all the Office apps and services covered in the package.

11.    Verify that the package you have preferred has all the apps you require.

12.    Now, you need to add the selected Office setup to your cart.

13.    However, it would be wiser to check whether the product is compatible with the device's operating system and the device meets all the specifications.

14.    After that, hit the button called “Buy and download now.”

15.    Now, you simply need to click on the Cart and select Check Out.

16.    Sign in to your Office account.

17.    Enter the required payment details, or use the one that is saved in your account.

18.    Now, just download the setup file from the download link provided to you by Microsoft.

How to install Microsoft Office?

install office setup

Find the steps for Microsoft Office setup installation mentioned below.


1.    Visit the download folder or the place where the Microsoft Office setup file was downloaded.

2.    Run the file by double-clicking on it.

3.    In the UAC prompt, select Yes.

4.    Allow the file to get done with the run process.

5.    After that, the installation shall start.

6.    Allow the installation to get over.

7.    Close the installation screen when done.


1.    Find the azure and countenance-shaped app called Finder in your dock and click on it.

2.    Click on Downloads.

3.    Run the Office setup by double-clicking on it.

4.    When prompted, click Next.

5.    Click on the Continue button.

6.    Select Agree in the TOU screen.

7.    Press the Continue button.

8.    Select the Install button.

9.    Enter the device password.

10.    Select Install Software.

11.    Allow the procedure to get over.

12.    Press the Close button after the Office apps are installed.

How to activate Microsoft Office?

activate office setup

The final setup step is activation. Follow these steps and activate your Office suite:

1.    Open the Start menu.

2.    Go through the list of programs, and select any Office app.

3.    When the app opens, press the Activate button.

4.    Now, you need to enter the 25 character alphanumeric product key.

5.    Sign in if prompted.

6.    Follow all the other instructions on the screen to complete the process. - Office Setup Product key -

Download, Install and activate the Office Setup

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