Fortnite Removes Driftboard Limited Time Mode to Fix Issues

Fortnite is ongoing with new Overtime challenges as season 7 has come to an end and season 8 is on its way to be released.

As season 7 recently ended, Epic Games have introduced some Overtime challenges for fans to complete. Players who complete the Overtime challenges will get a chance to have a free battle Pass for season 8.

Simultaneously the shift of map is also on its way as the map is already cracking and indicating a significant change in terrain and landscape. Also, various limited time modes are being included to Fortnite, but currently one of such modes is being disabled from the title.

The Driftin Limited Time Mode was recently introduced to Fortnite with the V7.40 update. In this LTM a total of 32 players were divided into two teams to fight with each other.

This unique game mode does not include any ammo or chest boxes, and rather players have to look for the Red Supply Drops in which players can find the driftboard that could be used to regenerate health and increase shields.

This driftboard can be used to perform tricks, race around and knock out any enemies nearby. Still, this exciting item has faced a lot of criticism from the fans as they had experienced a lot of issues associated with the driftboard.

Gamers suggested that they were dealing with random spawning of items and playability for this mode was quite challenging. Developers at Epic have addressed these issues and have momentarily removed this mode from the game to make the necessary adjustments and resolve the problems faced by the players.

Still, those players who want to experience the driftboard can do so by accessing the Save the World PvE, where players can use the driftboard item.

The Team Rumble mode will bring back the driftboard for players to enjoy, but alongside Team Rumble players should also focus on the Overtime challenges as this Overtime challenge brings a golden opportunity for players to have a free Battle Pass for themselves.

Epic Games officially announced the disabling of driftboard by posting a tweet on the official Fortnite Twitter account. The post stated that the developers at Fortnite agrees with the feedback provided by the gaming community and indeed they can make some improvements for the Driftboard.

Further, they claimed that is any players wants to experience the Driftboard then they can do so by playing the Team Rumble mode. Players are not sure as to when will the fix for Driftboard will end and they can get back to better in-game experience.

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