How to Remove Parental Controls and Reset Xbox 360

Thinking to sell your Xbox 360 or experiencing some serious system problems?  Any error has occurred while connecting to the Xbox Live or facing problems when running your favorite game?

Consider resetting your Xbox 360 as it will remove and wipe out all the data content of your Xbox console. It will restore your Xbox to its original factory settings.

If you’re resetting your Xbox to reset its parental control, then here is everything you need to do. If your Xbox is running slowly, then here you’ll also know how to fix a slow performance of Xbox and lagging Xbox games.

How to get your Xbox to perform normally?

Is your Xbox performance really getting worse than the usual, experiencing sluggish menu movement, choppy gaming, and some other irritating issue? The one solution for this without losing your console data including game, media or saved files is clearing your console cache. Erasing cache will help improve your console’s performance. This will only remove the installed updates of the games that you can reinstall.

Here is how to do this:

1.    Click the ‘Guide’ button of your console controller.

2.    Go to ‘Settings’ on guide menu.

3.    And select ‘System’ from settings options.

4.    Go to ‘Storage’ into system settings options. Here all connected storage devices will show up.

5.    Select the ‘Storage device’ from the devices and then click on the ‘Y’ button for more options. You can select any device clearing cache will erase the complete Xbox system’s cache.

6.    Select ‘Clear System Cache.’

7.    And ‘Confirm’ to delete.

Wait for a few moments, and it’s done.

How to Reset your Xbox to Factory Settings

Remember resetting will remove everything from your Xbox 360 expect parental control and restrictions. If some significant issues are happening on your Xbox, then you can try to solve them by attempting a reset. If you don’t want to lose your console data then backing up is the option that will save your data.

How to create Backup of Xbox 360

1.    Add a storage device to your Xbox console, connect a USB hard drive to add a storage device.

2.    Click the ‘Guide’ button of your console controller.

3.    Go to ‘Settings’ on guide menu.

4.    And select ‘System’ from settings options.

5.    Go to ‘Storage’ into system settings options. Here all connected storage devices will show up.

6.    Select your ‘external USB Storage device’ from the devices.

7.    Choose ‘Transfer Content’ and then select your USB external hard drive.

8.    Pick the data you want to save and then hit ‘Start.’

How to Factory Reset Xbox 360

1.    Click the ‘Guide’ button of your console controller.

2.    Go to ‘Settings’ on the guide menu.

3.    Select ‘System’ from settings options.

4.    Go to ‘Console Settings.’

5.    And select ‘System Info’ from the console settings menu. This will display your Xbox System information including your console ID and Serial Number.

6.    Note down your ‘Console Serial Number.’ The resetting procedure will require the serial number to complete.

7.    Go back to the ‘System Settings.’

8.    And select ‘Storage’ from there.

9.    Select a ‘Storage device’ from the storage devices and click on ‘Y’ button for more options.

10.    Click on ‘Format’ from the options.

11.    Confirm to erase everything, when asked. You’ve already backed up your important data.

12.    Enter your ‘Console Serial Number’ that you’ve noted down before. This is for confirmation to avoid accidental formatting.

Formatting will start and get completed in a short time. When it finishes, you’ll see the Home menu.

Parental control is still activated on your Xbox 365, to bypass parental restrictions set by your parents that are not gone even after formatting. Microsoft will ask you to prove that you’re authorized to remove the parental restriction. Prove Microsoft and bypass them.

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