Pokemon GO: New Shiny Characters Revealed

In the first week of March, Niantic re-introduced the gone Battle Showdown event for the Pokemon GO title. As Battle Showdown focuses on Fighting-type Pokemon, Niantic has planned to introduce two new shiny fighting type Pokemon for trainers to interact with.

With the latest Battle Showdown re-introduced, players have an excellent chance to grab a shiny Machop and shiny Mankey for themselves. With the inclusion of these two new Pokemon, the list of available pocket monsters in the Pokemon GO title is on a constant rise.

Although shiny Pokemon don’t have any special moves or raised stats, still shiny Pokemon provides players with a new look for a Pokemon and improves in-game experience.  Moreover, many pro trainers prefer these shiny variants of retro Pokemon to have a unique look for their pocket monsters.

Many players feel pleased to catch a shiny variant of a Pokemon as it improves the overall appearance of the Pokedex. So all the players who wish to have a shiny Machop or Mankey for their team should try to grab on to participate in this Battle Showdown and try to catch as many Mankey and Machop as possible.

During this event the spawn rate for fighter type Pokemon will be boosted, so players have a greater chance of facing a Mankey and Machop during the Battle event, so players should try to grab on to as many shiny Pokemon as possible to improve your team and have an exclusive shiny fighter type for yourself.

Still, it is not a simple task to grab on to these fighter type as they have extremely powerful move types which include Double Kick, Cross Chop and Final Gambit and Aura Sphere. So trainers should plan before initiating the Battle and chose a Ghost or Fairy type Pokemon to counter the Fighting-type Pokemon effectively.

 This re-introduction of Battle Showdown event has not only introduced these two little cute monster to Pokemon GO title, but this new event has also included double XP for obtaining gym batches, double stardust for every new catch and fighting Raid Battles. Also, players can get a Rare Candy item by taking part in PvP Trainer Battles.

Pokemon trainers have an excellent opportunity until March 12th to grab on to exiting shiny monsters and loads of other content in the Pokemon GO title, so trainers should make a full effort to interact and catch the shiny Machop and Mankey for themselves and make their top six lineup very useful by including these Pokemon. 

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