Top 6 Ways to Make Awesome PowerPoint Presentation

You have come across a lot of PowerPoint Presentations in your life. I guess most of them would have been boring. Or it could have even been possible the rare amazing PPT came in front of you and then vanished so fast that you were not able to learn from it.

Top 6 Ways to Make Awesome PowerPoint Presentation

Here’s how you can make your PowerPoint Presentation better than before.

  1. Set the agenda

Making an agenda at the initial stage makes you have a clear concept while making the PowerPoint Presentation (PPT). At times, PPT makers don’t set their agenda at the beginning and then in between of making PPT they get confused for the same. Setting the agenda will lead the PPT maker to prevent from dealing with the complicated situation during the time of PPT.

  • Have a proper presentation layout

Make a blueprint at the time of interacting with your audience. It can be related to their language of understanding and the items of the field that builds up their interest. It is like ‘note-making’ in bullet points that can help you out during the making of PPT.

  • Prefer colours that have right combination with each

At the time of putting colours ensure that the colour of text and background don’t be the same. It is so because if the colour is the same, then the audience will not be able to read it.  For instance, select dark maroon in the background and light blue can be the colour of the text.

  • Put large fonts

Always prefer using large fonts for putting heading and sub-headings. It makes your message pass among the audience properly. For instance, if you by mistake say the title a bit wrong then also the audience can read it out with the help of a large font and understand it. So use 48 for putting headings.

  • Put sub-points

Always have sub-points in your PPT to cover more points in less time. If more points are present in your PPT, then it will be a more informative type of presentation. This will differentiate your presentation from the rest of the people.

  • Prefer having images more than text

Putting images more than text is a must because images make a better impact on the audience than the text. Images lead to quick imagination and as a result, the viewer can give immediate and positive feedback. Hope this blog would have been useful to you.

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