Facts About Weddings

Wedding is a wonderful thing, it is bond between two people who commit to stay in it for the rest of their lives. And just like everything in the world, wedding has some interesting facts and the first fact may trigger some people, but we are just stating the actual thing, so we all know that women are compelled to change their names when it comes to being wedded. But in United States, there is no such law that says that women have to change their names if they get married and this thing has been opposed by many people who belong from religious cults. But the 70 percent of the brides do change their name.

Fiji is a tourist company and couples from all around the world prefer this place for having their destination weddings. But the local Fijians have a very different believe when it comes to weddings. They believe the God Nangganangga, who watches over the couples and who is responsible for answering all the couple’s prayers, according to them, this God won’t let the unmarried people in the Fijian paradise unless they are married. This concept is followed by many religions around the world. Talking about different believes, this one will make you laugh, there are some nomads of southwest of the Philippines, they are called the Penan. And they believe that when has no soul and she will only get a soul when she is married.

Did you know that white color is for giving up and for mourning on any sad thing? That is also why Eastern countries don’t wear a white dress on their weddings and nor they wear black. Because they think that wearing black color on a wedding will bring omen and bad luck. You must be thinking that you have a lot of weddings the whole year, but you will be shocked to read that in Las Vegas there are more than 100,000 weddings conducted in a year and on second number there are almost 25,000 weddings conducted in Hawaii, this is recorded the best two weddings destinations in the world. People wear wedding rings in the third finger of left hand because it is believed that this finger has a nerve that leads directly to the heart. You can have grand wedding venues in Abu Dhabi and in business center in Dubai too.

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