All about Dubai Expo 2020

2020 was going to be the year of surprises but the coronavirus pandemic has stolen everything. Yet, it can be hoped that those surprises would not be destroyed by the COVID-19.

Out of so many surprises, this year will bring Dubai Expo 2020!

What is Dubai Expo 2020?

Expo 2020 is the festival where art, science, entrepreneurship, business, culture and customs are celebrated. It is six month long festival in which numerous exhibitions are held that promote art, business, entrepreneurship, science, technology and modification. Numerous companies organize their stall in the festival to attract more buyers and people.

In 2013, the Bureau International des Expositions (BIE) announced that Dubai will host Expo 2020 that result in more construction work and work.

Where Dubai will organize the Exp 2020?

According to Sharjah local news, the city has been creating Expo site where the function will be executed. It is 4.38 square kilometer big. The place is near Al Makhtoum International Airport so that  foreigners could reach the place easily. Besides, the site is near Dubai International Airport. You can reach Abu Dhabi International Airport and Abu Dhabi Cruise Terminals. That’s what construction news in Dubai says about the place.

Thus, people can reach there in 40 minutes. Moreover, Dubai Expo will begin its Dubai Metro to help citizens and people to reach there and enjoy the exhibition. Expo Dubai Metro Station will transport 40,000 passengers in  every 60 minutes.

When Expo 2020 will be executed?

Expo 2020 will be six month long festival and exhibition. It will be  executed from 20th October to 10th April of the next year. There will be activities and functions from 9 am to 1am on weekdays while there will be exhibitions and celebration from 10 am to 2am on weekends.

There will be variety of activities and exhibitions. There will be art and science exhibitions to promote them culture and technology. There will be the exhibitions on technology and business as well. Numerous companies will be given ground to launch their stall and get new buyers and fans. Therefore, local population is encouraged to come. There will be food stalls and food court to fulfill their desires and there will be two parks at the site to give ground to children to play.

What is theme of Expo 2020?

Every Expo has exhibitions on a specific theme. The theme of Expo 2020 is “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future” while the sub-themes of the festivals are sustainability, mobility and opportunity.

The participants are required to build and launch projects according to the theme. There will be around 200 participants and 192 countries in the event.

So this is the basic information about Expo 2020.

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