Different types of car tints

There are different kinds of window car tint in Dubai, which are available but people need to choose the best one according to their need. Some of these are cheap but not durable and others are expensive and durable. People who have less amount remaining after acquiring a car then they will go for the cheaper car tinting deals in Dubai. If you want to get the car window tint then you have to see this article till end:

Dyed window tint: This is the cheapest type of window tint and people who do not have enough money remaining can go for it. These will provide a good protection against the sun rays due to several layers of this tint. But due to the lower money they become useless after sometimes and they have to be replaced frequently.

Metalize window tint: This type of tint will also provide protection against sun rays and heat like dyed window tint but this is better in order to give protection against sun heat because it is made out of small metal particle which reflect the sun heat. They are also scratch free because of metallic particle so they will go for longer time. It will block ultra violet rays for longer time and also protect the car from overheating during longer stay in sun without shades.

Hybrid window tint: These tints are made of both of the above tints which are dye and metallic. This will increase their protection level because it will have the positive effects of both these tits while elimination the negative ones. People will like to go for this type of tint because they are of a balanced color which is not too dark like metallic ones to look black form outside or not too reflective like dyed tint to be seen everything from outside.

Carbon window tint: These tints are also very useful when it comes to cooling down the car because of the carbon particles in it. These tints are very durable and do not fade very quickly. Carbon particles will help these tints to retain their colors so they will be very durable but a little bit expensive. People can have this with some saving because in this way they will not have to pay after every few months due to fading of the color. It also decreases the energy expense.

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