Property management Dos and Don’ts

Property management is something which helps you run your property and without them you may not be able to manage things as you are managing them right now. Every building management company in Dubai is sure to provide you the right services but there are still some dos and don’ts which we believe facility management in UAE should refrain from, such as:

  • Don’t need to manage them

One of the biggest mistakes that people make when hiring facility management is that they are managing them. The sole purpose of hiring a team to do your task is to be free from management and when you can’t completely let go of that how do you expect the management to work finely? If you believe that you are the one managing the facility management then let them go because they don’t seem to be doing their work.

  • Do remember to communicate

Most of the problems are created due to ill communication. Sometimes it is true that you may be handling facility management’s work because you must not be coordinated enough with them to know who is performing which task. So always remember to find a convenient medium of communication which helps you stay connected and answer each other’s queries for effective work force.

  • Don’t take flashy software lightly

Many people believe that having flashy software doesn’t mean that they will be effective in their work whereas we believe the opposite of that. If a service provider is serious enough to get a complicated software to make tasks easier for you then they must also be serious enough to handle their responsibilities effectively. Work can be done without this software, but it just shows dedication of the team in their task.

  • Do take complaints seriously

When the owner ignores little complaints about a fused bulb or unfixed faucet then it angers the people using the vicinity and this makes the job of building manager harder than you may expect. When the facility managers come to you with even the smallest complaints, give them enough right to fix them immediately because these little things do matter and make a difference in effectiveness of their work.

There are other things which you will learn over time but remember the basics and avoid the mistakes – don’t forget everyone can make mistakes.

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