Ways of Bidding in Storage Units

If you have some extra money and you want to make it double but we all know that bidding and gambling is just luck or you are way too smart and good at math and number. But if you are just feeling lucky any day, it is not harm in trying. If you go to a casino, you will have to bid a lot and the people are looking fine and dine but you are not in the mood of dressing up or you have limited money, then it is best that you bid on storage units. Because anyone in any shape is welcomed there and you can bid starting as low as 50 dirhams.

These are abandoned storage units which were once owned by people. They abandon them because either they cannot pay anymore for the storage unit or they simply just die and don’t inherit the unit to anyone. Then in order to empty the storage and make space for new customers, the owners get it on auction and spread the word among the bidding community. And at the day of the auction, the highest bidder gets the storage unit. You will see people many people making a lot of money and of course, you would want to know how to smell the worthy things inside. But that is the only catch and the successful bidders will never tell you their secret.

That is why we are here to tell you about it, the first step is to call all the storage units in your area and ask them when they are conducting the auction. Note down the date and make sure that on the day when the auction is being conducted, be there at two hours before it starts. Because the everyone will be talking about something and that can beneficial for you. Let’s say that there are 5 storage units for auction today and you have heard a bunch of people talking that they know that the 3rd storage has some good and worthy stuff in it. They know because there can be many reasons like, they might know the owner who used to be in the town and has died now or the storage unit owners might have spilt out a rumor or given a tip. You can also get self-storage at home or get different storage solutions in Dubai.

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