Unusual Places in Canada

If you are a person who wants to explore unwonted and extraordinary places then we are hear to make your mind boggle because we will be fulfilling your adventure thirst. Canada is a country which is rich in raw nature and awe-inspiring beauty, the scene will be unreal but no place is or anything is perfect that is why even in Canada, there are some unusual places that have left the scientist baffled. And one of many places is the spotted lake called the Osoyoos in British Columbia. This place is called the most magical place in Canada. As clear from the name this lake has spots which look like algae. The spots colors are green, blue and yellow. If you are a person who can be easily disgusted then you shouldn’t be there but this is a place which should not be missed at all. You can meet different Canada immigration consultants in Bangalore.

If you want to take a swim in a mystery water, then you should visit the Pingualuit crater lake in the Pingualuit provincial park in northern Quebec, Canada. This will be a gigantic circular hole in the earth which contains the bluest water on Earth. According to The Star, about 1.3 million years ago, a meteor hit this area and caused a deep whole in the earth and since the ocean is near, it got filled up with ocean water. The Nunavik parks said that this is the world’s most purest water and only professional divers are allowed to take a swim and regular people can just witness the beauty of it. You can get UK visa services in India.

If you want to see the unusual nature, then you must visit the Mount Thor in Auyuittuq national park in Baffin Island, Nunavut in Canada. This place is covered with 85 percent of rocky mountains, you must be wondering what is unusual about it. Well, the unusual thing about is that the mountains have an overhanging shape, lining at least 15 degrees. This makes these mountains the world’s greatest vertical drop of 1,250 meters whereas the mountains are 5,495 feet above the sea level. There are even names of different mountain peaks like Odin, Thor, Loki, Balder, Fridd and Breidablik, these names were given by different European travelers and mountaineers. You can also visit the Grand gathering in St. Lawrence river, Sainte-Flavie in Quebec, Canada. 

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