Finding the ideal location

To be one of the best dental clinics in Abu Dhabi a great deal of emphasis need to be placed on the location of the clinic. Then the clinic can perhaps start focusing on providing braces within Abu Dhabi.

Importance of being centrally located: If the founder is smart, then he or she should figure out a way of situating the clinic in a way it gains competitive advantage in the healthcare sector. It should be located nearby housing schemes as well as schools, colleges, universities and offices. The founder needs to understand that not every individual out there can take time out of their busy routines to visit a clinic that is miles away. To better explain it, a mother of a child is too busy at work and really wants to take her child to a dental clinic that is nearby. It should be situated in a way making it convenient for elderly individuals to have access to public transport systems and reach the clinic without any hassle. These are the couple of things the founder needs to keep in mind.

Hiring a team of specialist: While the clinic is in the process of getting constructed, it would be advised to look for a team of specialists particularly the likes of dentists and orthodontists. In this way the clinic can be one of its own kind. Basically instead of getting braces straight away, the patient has to get his or her teeth checked by the dentist keeping in mind that bracing is a long process and is done primarily by a certified orthodontist. Efficiency of the orthodontist depends how well the dentist has checked the patient’s oral health. In a nutshell it makes the orthodontist job easier.

Importance of having good communication skills: Apart from having attended the necessary medical courses it takes to be a dentist/orthodontist, there is a need to have good interpersonal skills keeping in mind that either doctor has to deal with numerous patients. Having great emotional intelligence would mean that the dentist/orthodontist is able to understand the patient’s fear when it comes to treating their teeth.

Take into consideration of patients well being: It is truly important that patients with chronic conditions such as asthma need to be taken care of while working on their oral health. Such patients need time to breathe in and this also shows the dentist needs to have good techniques.

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