Things to know about brake fluid

Most car owners think that changing engine oil is essential for vehicles. Engine oil indeed plays a crucial role in smooth driving, but you cannot overlook the importance of brake fluid. Brake fluid is also necessary for vehicles as, without this fluid, you cannot stop your car easily. These fluids are also helpful for vehicle transmission, steering, coolant, and other components of the car. Read this article to know everything about brake fluid.

What is brake fluid?

Brake fluid offered by brake fluid manufacturers in UAE is essential for a hydraulic brake system. When you push brake pressure, it forces fluid to stop the car. In this process, brake pads clam down to the rotors that are attached with wheel hubs. When you give high pressure to the brake, it slows down the car. When you do not take care of brake fluid, it doesn’t create any pressure to stop the vehicle. Moreover, if there is leakage in the hydraulic brake system, your brakes get damaged and do not work properly. Brake fluid leakage is also dangerous while traveling as it loses control of the brake system, and you are at a higher risk of an accident.

What factors affect the performance of brake fluid?

Hydraulic brake system absorbs the moisture from the air and improves the brake efficiency. If there is water in the system, you might face trouble as it degrades the fluid. When you push brake pressure, it creates a tremendous amount of heat in the system. So when there is water, it affects the brake efficiency and overall performance.

What are the different types of brake fluid?

The quality of brake fluids depends on the DOT rating. DOT stands for the department of transport that determines the quality and efficiency of brake fluid. It also sets the regulations for these fluids. There are various ways to determine the quality and DOT rating of brake fluid, like wet boiling point and other things. If brake fluid has a higher boiling point that means they have a longer lifespan.

When should I change my car brake fluid?

There is no particular time to change brake fluid for cars. However, it depends on the type of car, driving conditions, and road conditions. You can also follow the manufacturer’s recommendation. It is advisable to change the brake fluid every four to five years as it keeps your hydraulic brake system in good shape.

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