Stretch Marks Removal Treatment – The Different Options

The human body is beautiful in every way but over a period some people experience having marks on their skin which are blue or purplish. These marks are known as stretch marks. Over the years, many skincare related companies have developed products such as lotion and creams to help get rid of these marks or lighten the appearance of stretch marks. Many women cure them with homemade remedies as well but some stubborn marks never fade and even if they do they turn white or grey.

Some of the treatments that can reduce or completely cure stretch marks are as follows:


In Dubai, there are lots of hospitals for you to visit and get the right treatment prescribed for you. There are laser treatments available which not only reduces stretch marks but also help enhance the production of collagen and skin elasticity which helps in preventing future stretch marks. The outcome of this treatment can differ from person to person it depends on how severe your stretch marks are. How much time will it take to cure the marks also depends from person to person.


There is also another way to reduce stretch marks which is through platelet-rich plasma and micro-needling. The platelet-rich plasma and micro-needling are used on the targeted areas of your skin and then gone over with a micro pen with vibrating needles used to create channels throughout your skin so the stem cells can be absorbed.

Gynecologists do not recommend the above-mentioned treatments for pregnant women even though stretch marks are common to appear during pregnancy as a woman gains weight. But the laser treatment or platelet-rich plasma and micro-needling may not be good for the child so doctors do not want their patients to take the risk as these marks can be treated after their delivery. The doctor always suggests taking these treatments from specialists as skin is a sensitive organ and it depends on the skin quality of the person whether or not a specific treatment suits them.

The best OB Gyne in Dubai always recommends taking a visit to a dermatologist to their pregnant patient before opting for such services. These professionals can also help you with the best Infertility treatment in Dubai.

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